About Me

Hello! I’m Linda.

I am a journalist who relishes giving voice to people’s stories. I am an entrepreneur, founder of an education non-profit, keynote speaker, wife, mother, daughter, sister, dancer and lover of life — and my country.

Although I left the broadcast airwaves a while ago, I still have a lot to say. About who we are. About who we can be. About this beautiful life and how I want to spend my remaining days on this planet trying to bring us together. Connecting. Encouraging. Reminding us of our common humanity through my passion for storytelling.

How did I get here?

My backstory begins on the South Side of Chicago (a few blocks away from Michelle Obama) where I dreamed of one day being a professional dancer. After I graduated from Stanford University, that dream came true. My dad, the doctor, wasn’t all that happy about my career choice.

I danced in modern, jazz and African companies in the San Francisco Bay Area, Chicago and Denver, once performed with Maya Angelou and Ray Charles (on the same night), and auditioned for “A Chorus Line” and other major musicals on Broadway. 

I got my Actor’s Equity card doing musical theater…playing a man.  Ballroom is my most recent dance passion; before I majored in Italian I was fluent in French; and at one time I considered being a professional tennis player.  Instead, I became a news anchor.

The University of Missouri J-school Masters program prepared me well, catapulting me from the Columbia campus to the CBS affiliate in St. Louis, and on to the NBC affiliate in Houston where I gained my so-called claim to fame.

Fast forward to 2009. My passion for giving a voice to the voiceless and finding a good story to tell in a memorable way led me to found Linda Lorelle Media, a multimedia production and communications consulting firm. I love the lightbulb moment when a client gets that it’s not about the message…it’s about the story!

My passion for storytelling took a different turn in late 2018 when I launched Our Voices Matter Podcast. And now, the Linda Lorelle EncourageX Collection builds upon my life theme of connection, encouragement and love.

Which leads me to one more thing — the love of my life, Lou Gregory, and I have a talented, beautiful daughter named Lindsey, an adorable grand puppy named Layla — and 350+ additional “kids” to whom our non-profit, Linda Lorelle Scholarship Fund (LLSF), has awarded more than $4 million in college scholarships since 1991. 

Ok, this is really the last thing.

My bucket list includes attending all four tennis grand slam championships, being a contestant on Dancing With the Stars (PLEASE call me!!), and ensuring that the LLSF will live on long after Lou and I are gone.  Now that five former Lorelle Scholars and Lindsey are on the board of directors, there’s a good chance I can check that one off the list!

Let’s create something magical together. The world needs us.